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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Kitchen / Bathroom Wall Update

I meant to include this in yesterdays' post, but as usual I was rushed to get done before Roy came home.

This is my kitchen / bathroom wall. It didn't come out easily! It is made of lots of pieces of metal, some bolted, some welded together and entangled in amongst the bits were water pipes. We discovered that the plumber was a smoker, fag ends everywhere, and that he had amazing dexterity. How he managed to solder some of the pipes is impossible to imagine as they were encased in the wall, which was older than the pipework! It took Roy three days to unpiece the jigaw.

This is the bathroom bit. We have cold water, but no hot, and Roy has rigged up the sink unit in the conservatory ( my painting space ) to enable us to wash, washup, prepare veggies, etc.
Life is good.... it will be a little palace when done!

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