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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

At The Wedding - David 12" x 12" Oil

I painted this with the paint left on my palette, all mixed together, after getting frustrated again with one of the larger canvases I am working on.
This is my favourite uncle....OK.. he is my only uncle, but he's a "good old boy", a compliment he likes to pay to folk he likes.



Aliaena said...

Hi there Sharon!

Sorry to have been away for a while, but what a delight to be back and see this wonderful painting. One can feel you love of this person, a very moving image. Congratulations, it's beautiful. Hope things are going well for you!

All the best,

David Larson Evans said...

More of these!!! it has a contemporary look to it, every thing is in its place and it's candid not mention very well executed.You talked about big paintings I would like to something like this 4ft by 5 ft

Anonymous said...

Really like this one. I almost feel I know him. You have captured his character so well.