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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Mates 17 1/2" x 13" Oil WIP

I have had a couple of people asking about my process but I am not high-tech enough to be able to post videos, so thought I would tease, and give a bit by bit, daily, step by step account of my next project.

We have a friend, Gary Ward, who emigrated to the USA about 20 years ago. We don't see him often, but he has family here so he does visit. Next one is at the beginning of September and this year he has made time for us. A real treat! Anyway, I thought I would paint him a present, the making of which I shll share with you. Hope you don't get bored!
This is the very begining, where I sketch out the composition and mark out the darkest passages. An underpainting, if you like, just like the old masters! Ha! I don't worry about detail or about the likeness much at this stage. It is to let me know if it will work, really. I am already intrigued by what they are talking about, as I think I want to fill that empty space between them.
The reference photograph was taken on one of Garys' previous visits. I shall have to post that tomorrow. It is a teeny weeny photo and I shall have to scan it. I shall have to blow it up too, probably.
Thanks for your visit and your interest.


Kim said...

this looks like a great start to your WIP Sharon...
a great composition !!!
I have given you an award over at my site :)
cheers Kim

Susan Carlin said...

Imagine my delight! I've been so up-to-my-ears that I haven't checked my friends' blogs in days. Thank you for doing this blow-by-blow, Sharon.