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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Madame S Oil 20" x 30" ( Detail)

This is a detail of a larger painting that I have been working on. I apologise for the terrible photograph. I think it is because of the paint being too oily, all shiny and glarey in places. If anyone has a solution I would really appreciate some feedback. Then perhaps I can get the whole thing posted, ( when finished, of course).

This is tantalising, though, isn't it? It is painted from a photo of me when I was about 31, soon after I met Roy. So as you see I am still going through my mid life crisis! Although, how it will be resolved by painting myself, as young, over and over, and growing my hair long again, I really don't know. Actually, today I have made an appointment to get my hair cut, so maybe it's working! Remains to be seen if I go for the chop!


Susan Carlin said...

Cool image, Sharon. I'd love to know the story behind it.

JJ said...

You look so happy in this. You bears a striking resemblence to Mum. You are hardly old so leave the crisis alone for another twenty years. I can see your skill developing as time passes. Brilliant. Just one observation though. The portrait Can't Bloody Do It Today! doesn't look quite right between the nose and mouth. Too deep somehow - unless you have changed!!!

Sharon Wright said...

Thanks for the encouragement, JJ, Need lots of that. And I know what you mean about 'Can't Bloody Do It Today!' I'll keep practising and one day I will do a self portrait that looks like me!