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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Portrait Of Genni Acrylic 16" x 16"

Did it again! I continued to have a sort out, because I wanted an old canvas to paint on, and I found another discarded, half finished, painting. Well, I set to work, because I didn't want to paint over it. Portrait of Genni, must have originated in a magazine or on the internet somewhere, because I have no reference photo and I cannot remember how, when or why? I do know that I still like it, especially tiddled up. It looks like I used a very limited palette, ultramarine and burnt sienna and white.

Is this cheating? Do tell me your thoughts, I would love to know.

I am so glad I started this blog, it has made me work. I feel bound to post something and although I didn't set out to be a daily painter, I feel ashamed, lazy and disappointed if I don't.

And I feel like I am rediscovering myself. Life is wonderful, isn't it?

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