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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Laden Oil on Paper 5" x 7"

Paintings successfully delivered to Hertford this morning, so have had a jittery day wondering if any will be accepted for the exhibition! My friend, Stella, will collect any rejections by 5.30pm, so I am expecting a phone call with the verdict. Hate this bit!

I have managed a painting today, a very small one. I saw this little lady on the same day as I saw the 'Orange Bags' man. What a contrast! He was bouncing along the pavement, happy to have his shopping done, no doubt, and eager to get on to the next thing. She, though, was trudging along seemingly carrying the weight of the whole world.

We know nothing of others' lives and I have learnt not to judge by appearances. Her shopping may have just been very heavy. But she made me feel a little sad.

If you would like to purchase this painting for 50 GBP please email me.

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