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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Life Drawing

Life drawing at the Fisher Theatre in Bungay, and today we got to use the auditorium, instead of  the small gallery upstairs. Much better to have room to manouvre. 

 We started with 10 minute poses...........and charcoal

 Then 20 minute poses..........more charcoal

 And, after lunch we had two 50 minute poses. Oil paint this time.

I had the BEST day. The model, Beth was fabulous, and I finally got to meet her, and draw her from life. I have  painted her portrait from a photograph, but nothing can beat life. Beth is a superb model, if you need one, she's your girl!

1 comment:

Linda Roth said...

Amazing! Wonderful. All praise. Figurative drawing studio is another thing on my go-to list.