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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

King's Lynn

 Shimmer  16" x 16"  Oil
 Flapper  16" x 16"  Oil
 Goodbye Girl  16" x 20"  Oil
Fragile  16" x 16"  Oil
Went back to my old stomping ground, King's Lynn, to drop of these paintings to be considered for hanging in West Norfolk Artists Association Summer Exhibition, at St Nicholas Church. Fingers crossed for success, as it is one of those awful juried shows. I know, I know, they have to make a good show!
Next to lunch in Sunny Hunny, delicious mackerel salad, then to Heacham for a  choc chip double cornet for pud! Did Roy's diabetes a power of good.............not!
Next to say hello to the lovely ladies at the West Winch Art Club and have a cup of coffee and a good old natter. By golly I enjoyed that as I miss them a lot.
Then home...........yes, Oulton Broad is beginning to feel a lot like home! 

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