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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Linda W Roth +++++

While chatting on Skype to Linda yesterday, she took a couple of snaps of me and then today painted a portrait using one of the photos for reference. I have to say that I wasn't expecting this! No doubt it is me though, is there? I love the freedom and expression, Linda is no timid wallflower! Live and time someone points a camera at me I shall keep a straight face!
My own efforts today have been rather timid, though, in comparison.............

 Steph  10" x 12"  Oil  WIP Block in
Not such a good likeness yet, but that will come. Happy so far.

Linda with Fedora 16" x 20"  Oil

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L.W.Roth, said...

I love it! I would have done the same thing if I could have found your portrait of me. It was only fair. Let's do it again sometime. Today I got up bright and early to get to the drop in studio drawing class across town at 9:00. To make certain there was indeed a drop in studio before I drove those miles at the crack of dawn, I looked it up again. Lucky thing. It's tomorrow morning. So today on the easel is my great nephew Max, who I met for the first time in Seattle last week. But I will be taking a look at those other snaps I took of you for future studies. I loved the lighting. It cast eerie shadows under your eyes, nose, mouth and chin. The lighting was fascinating. You will have to call to get a crack at me first thing in the morning when I am anything but camera ready. I owe you.