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Saturday, 26 April 2014

HAS Submission Day

Today was submission day for the Annual Hertford Open Exhibition, always so enjoyable. 
 The judges, l to r, Paul Curtis, Ronald Maddox and Davida MacDonald, soon got down to business, awarding 'A', 'D' , or 'X' for each painting, although it actually worked out that Ron had the deciding vote because Paul and Davida were totally opposed every time! Or so it seemed,
 Best Painting Overall
 Best Abstract....What? it isn't an abstract!
 Best Watercolour
 Best friend, Stella Green achieved three 'A' s for her 'Tulips'

I did all right, getting five of my six paintings accepted although it was my favourite one which was chucked out!
Sorry about the very poor photos.


martinealison said...

Une publication très intéressante. La sélection pour une exposition est toujours surprenante lorsqu'on aperçoit les résultats des juges...
Je vous félicite... et vous souhaite le meilleur pour cette future exposition. Qu'elle soit un vif succès.
Gros bisous ❀ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❀

L.W.Roth, said...

It isn't an abstract at all! So how did this fellow over-ride the other two jurists? And what kind of jurists x's everything? Again congrats for five out of six. That should keep the the fire in your belly burning. It's a lovely Idea an open competition. I guess that's what the Michigan Fine Art Competition is--open to any one as long as they live in Michigan? They are announcing the first acceptances tomorrow on line. If you make it, then you bring the painting in for the second jury. There will be just 100 paintings selected. We could only enter two. There is only one jurist! Not much of a chance. EXCEPT they kept sending me announcements of the competition. I don't think they were getting too many entries. Your photos were great. I was impressed with how much artwork was behind those three critics. Nice turn out. And you got give out of six. Fantastic my girl! Cross your fingers.

From my run on comment you can tell maybe I should have left this alone?

Helen H Trachy said...

You must feel pretty good about your work! Yééé...! Best of luck for the exhibition!