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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Boy Busker 12" x 16" Charcoal

I have decided that two of the pictures I wanted to submit to Hertford are way too big to manage on the train. If I take the car it means that Roy would be grounded...not fair. So I did this, which is a much more managable size! And it is all framed and ready to go!

I also tiddled this again, but I fear you would be hard pressed to see what I did. I'm happier though. Roy thinks it looks like I have had a stroke so maybe I shall be tiddling some more and putting in the other eye! What say you?


L.W.Roth, said...

Title it Between you and Me-- or Keep It Under Your Hat--or something that suggests you've just told a secret you shouldn't. The model is winking. She knows something I don't. You do the eye and the piece is just another self portrait. If you lighten the inside corner of the winking eye--making the wink more a wink than a squint. That might do it? I guess I agree with Roy. An adjustment has to be made.

I once missed a show because I didn't finish a painting till the last minute AND THEN DISCOVERED IT DIDN'T FIT IN MY CAR--THE TRUNK OR THE BACK SEAT. Talk about depression.

martinealison said...

Oh! moi je l'aime beaucoup ce portrait... et ce clin d'oeil... extraordinaire ! ne changez rien !
Gros bisous

Pat said...

I like the wink, but agree it needs to be accentuated more, so it doesn't look like a squint. I was thinking maybe make the mouth more of a smile, because mostly I see people smiling and winking.