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Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Remember this? I didn't want to do what I should have been doing, so I got this out. Wasn't happy with the red and yellow, and the jug didn't sit on the table!

Not Mine! 16" x 20"  Oil

So I remedied that and I'm happy. Sorry, Pam, but I love this!

Self Scrutiny Too  12" x 14"  Oil

Miserable again! Well you'd think so........:)
I had a lovely afternoon slapping the paint my usual reserved manner........and I like how I look ten years younger.


L.W.Roth, said...

Me too. And I do love the painting that Pam has some sort of problem with. It's got great composition and color and the that pitcher is sitting on that table now. the simplicity of the the composition is (heavy sigh) wonderful. (Heavy sigh because I don't have that eye yet).

Sandra said...

Wow! What a difference you have made! I love that vibrant colour too.
Hmm... a self portrait - I've never thought of that, but maybe it would be cheaper than going down the Botox route, lol! :0)
Anyway, yours is great. And I love the addition of cool colours in the skin tones :0)