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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

WA, aka Wednesday Afternooners, aka West Winch Art Club

The topic for today was 'paint or draw and animal'.

Skyline  14" x 18"  Oil

I have long wanted to paint these bulls, who live in a field near me. I am drawn to their silhouettes as they meander along the ridge of the hill, but have yet to get the perfect shot.

Not many folk wanted to show off their work today but Jacqui was quite rightly very proud of her giraffe. He is so cute!

June has portrayed this little dog so sensitively with pastels. Brilliant colour choices, including the paper, which sets off the drawing to perfection. That look in his eye is so emotive. 

I admire Davids use of watercolour in painting this crab. No washes for him, just pure colour, which is how I have been trying to pluck up courage to use it, so it was very interesting to watch.

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