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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


The brief today was 'evergreen leaves', of which here is a selection of the girls' work.


 Judith ( it was actually a much lighter and delicate drawing, but I wanted you to SEE it)


 Oh flip, I forgot who did this!

 And this!

 Oh, my, and this! (let me know, girls)


 Jacqui did this, too.

Me? I did this. Not evergreen leaves? I know, but I am meeting up with my lovely sis-in-law on Sunday and wanted to paint for her. Needs some tiddling up, methinks!


Jane said...

There are some lovely works here, specially the first one caught my attention, gorgeous colors and the lightness is just wow.
Of course the bottom one also caught my attention, what can I say ...the teacher knows what she is doing

Celeste Bergin said...

what a batch of beautiful works! I think your sister in law will love the painting you did for her.

SKIZO said...