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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Flight 12" x 10" Oil

The theme at the WA today, was 'flight', encompassing balloons, bees, aircraft, kites, etc., This is my effort, using a photo found on the internet this morning.
The main business of the day, though, was to choose the best five paintings from the club. A local Art Shop/Gallery has an annual exhibition for any/all of the local art groups to submit five paintings, and a winner is chosen by the public. (I think) Last year the winning art group was .......The Wednesday Afternooners! So we have our reputation and standards to maintain!
We had 39 paintings to chose our favourite 10 from, which were then voted on again to find the final 5.
I have to say that I found it difficult as there was a nice selection of styles, subjects and mediums and who can predict if small will do better than large, or loose better than tight?
I am very happy to report that one of mine made the final 5!


Anonymous said...

You're flying high again! Across the blue sea and faraway. Good job made on this one. It has a peaceful quality. Good luck with your painting in the competition.

Art with Liz said...

Well done Sharon! Just goes to show how good you are!