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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ellis 10" x 12" Oil

Strummin' 30" x 20" Oil
What a fabulous afternoon at the WA! Ellis accompanied her grandma, Mary, (school hols) and agreed to sit for me. What a treat, and she was so good, a natural, and quite beautiful. Thank you, Ellis. Everyone thought it a good likeness.
After that, I made a start on the painting I took to do this afternoon, of my son again, copying his dad.
I have to say that I much prefer to work from life. One reason is that there is an added pressure to get it done before you lose the model and I know that I produce better results under pressure. Mainly though, a living, breathing person is infinitely more exciting than a photograph.
Oh, yes, and the chocolate cake was SCRUMPTIOUS!

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