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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Fantasy Oils 20" x 24" after John Singer Sargent

Well, I decided to put my face on it, although I'm not sure it quite fits right on the body! But it will, as I am sure I shall fiddlewith it some more. ( It is a very old photo of me, I wish I still looked like that! )

I'm really enjoying doing this painting, I suppose because there is no pressure to get it finished, or get it spot on right, and it is very liberating. I have two photos of the original, one in a book and the other which I downloaded from the internet. A big problem is that the colours are different. And again, in the photo of my painting the colours are different. Not that it matters much in this instance, but I can see it could be very misleading.

I hope the the experience helps with the next painting.

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