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Sunday, 26 April 2015

HAS Submission Day 2015

 Ready for  Waring Robinson, who is a Vice President of HAS, to judge the best 3D work. The winner was the contents of the boxes in the front of this pic, which were a couple of glass 'books'. 
 June Pickering made a very fine bathstone Buddha. Bet her hands and shoulders ache!
  Ready for the off!
 Judges, l to r, Abel Kesteven , Alex Roch , + Derek Daniells
 Sorting out the prizewinners from the work  given AAA
The John Goss Prize - Best in Show
Landscape at Pignano Villa, Tuscany by Daniel Shadbolt - Oils
 The Bill Dale Award 
Golf Sale by Bill Dean - Oils
 The Lady Laming Award for Abstract Art
Evening Reflections by Anne McCormack RI, SWA - Acrylics 
 The Edward Mason Award, Best Watercolour Painting
Rochester Skyline by Alan Runagall MRSA - Watercolour

The Mayor's Award - Best 3D work
A Little Contemplation Vol IX - Cast glass and metal
I thought I would show you some of my best friends work, who has no internet presence at all. This one was awarded AAA by the judges, and she had all her paintings accepted. I wish her talent would rub off on me a bit!

Apologies for terrible reflections on photos.

And my ducks came home again, as did the two boat paintings. I have to stop listening to other people and trust my own judgement. Lesson learned this time.

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L.W.Roth, said...

The style of your charcoals and oil wash paintings is related to your friend' have every bit as much talent. Your portraits and particularly your full figurative paintings are your cup of tea, but I really liked the folks and their dog relaxing on the beach. Your scultures do stand out amongst all the ceramics. They look very special. They show your hard work.Bravo.