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Sunday, 4 May 2014


I have been trying to paint heads without using white and just glazing primaries. I'm not sure about the black under-paintings........too dark? Maybe use it very thinned or a terre verte or cerulean perhaps? I've learnt that maybe you should really add some paint to the oil, too! I'm not sure it will ever dry, so will have to tonk it. See 'Steph'. Although I do rather like her ethereal quality, aka pale.
Alan  20" x 16"  Oil

 Alan  detail. Too much red on right side of face...............scrape that off or darken everywhere else?
 Steph 10" x 12"  Oil
 Steph detail. I have zoomed in close so that you can actually see I have used colour!
Love how she still stares at you, even from a very wonky photo!

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L.W.Roth, said...

I like your use of whites/ grays and then the warm skin tone; it very effective. And the distorted portrait is extremely interesting as a pathway to explore.