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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Annie 20" x 16" Oil

I am so excited....I found a page on Facebook for my old school, Wellingborough High School For Girls, and there was a photograph of people I knew! This is Ann Carey, nee Hardwick, who was my best playmate at infant/junior school! To know how exciting this is, I shall tell you that when I first got a computer, 20+ years ago, the first thing I did was sign up to Friends Reunited and look for Ann, together with two other girls I was especially close to. To find her now is magic, we had a good chinwag, next thing up! Can't wait.
I have also friended (is that a word) other folk from my class back then and it is so fascinating to find out about their lives. Ann, it would seem, has been following me around the country, so not only shall we have schooldays to chat about, but also various locations that we both know! 40 years to catch up with!

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Vern Schwarz said...

Lovely piece Sharon, and a very interesting pose. You always create such beautiful skin tones.