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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Talking 16" x 20" Oil WIP

If you fall off, get straight back on that 'horse' ! The bad news today, was that they didn't like my face at the BP Portrait Awards, so I thought I better paint a portrait. This is, or will be, my wonderful sister-in-law Mavis.

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L.W.Roth, said...

What do they know, but this is great too. I came over for some inspiration and I got it. Sorry I've been negligent. I am finally admitting I have been under the weather this whole winter--lazy, low production, a myriad of maladies--have kept me out of the studio reading instead. After a visit to the ER and follow ups at various specialists, I seem to be on the mend--at least I'm correcting the charcoal on my easel every time I pass it on the way to the freezer for whatever vitals are left.

I'm curious as to what charcoal paper you favor. I've done some research and am totally confused.

Nice to be making a come back old friend. Hugs for your outstanding work and your inspiration.