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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Painting.......or not.

Siblings  20" x 16"   Oil
I have finished this commission,  just in time for Christmas, and really hope the recipient likes it and think she has a wonderful brother to think of such a lovely gift. Can't believe I started this back in September!
So.....I have been painting, a little, but, I confess I have turned my attention elsewhere....back to my first love...sort of. When I was 17 I wanted to be Michelangelo! I wanted to have created 'David' and 'Pieta' but real life took over and I have never, or ever shall, have the wherewithall to realise such ambition. But carve wood I can do, or at least I can try. My efforts are not for public scrutiny as yet...but don't go away!


L.W.Roth, said...

Wonderful. It turned out great. Now come to my studio and wrap up My Guys. :-) the pain of that awaits my return.

martinealison said...

Une très belle oeuvre qui devrait ravir ce jeune homme... Un travail extraordinaire, bravo !

J'ai hâte de pouvoir admirer vos sculpture sur bois.

Gros bisous.

Sandra Busby said...

Goodness me - this is almost like a photograph! It's amazing! :0)

gardenstudio said...

Wow, I love the colours and composition. Really looking forward to seeing your sculpture. I love wood sculptures.