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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

HM Queen Elizabeth II 20" X 16" Oil

Eleven weeks, six days and fifteen hours ago I entered the Daily Mail competition to paint the Queen. The prize for winning is to have your painting hung in The National Portrait Gallery, for one day, with the current exhibition of sixty portraits of the Queen.
600 emailed entries were whittled down to thirty, which then had to be sent to London to be judged by Sir Peter Blake, Emma Sergeant and Jonathan Yeo. I gleefully sent my painting to be judged.
The wait has been interminable, with checking emails every half hour, waiting by the letterbox,  carrying my phone everywhere and generally rendering me totally incapable of doing anything!
Today I received a letter.


L.W.Roth, said...

Oh Jesus! Sorry, but that was my first thought when I read your post. This is a wonderful painting. You really did get her down. I really expected your post to end that you were in the final thirty. I'm so sorry Sharon.

The truth of it (it being competitions), is rejections are the norm. "They" say, (they being the talented people in the arts),we have to be prepared to collect a lot of rejection slips before we get the one that launches our careers. But to be expected or not, it really hurts. My husband and I think your work is beautiful and we're not alone out here in the world where it is being seen and appreciated. Now get back (on the horse)in that studio. Big hugs.

Rita Vaselli said...

Not accepted is not
failed ... is a point of view of the judges!I like YOUR Queen!
If the Queen knew ... what
portrait it has lost...
She would be
Big hug!

Pat said...

Hold on, you sent your painting to be judged?
You got in the final thirty?

Well, there's 570 people would have loved to have been in your shoes!

That doesn't make you a failure, oh no! Makes you pretty good, I think!!!

Sandra said...

But if you didn't try you would never have known! Your painting is of course utterly fabulous! So get right back in the saddle and go for another! :0)

Susan Carlin said...

Their ultimate loss, of course! You get great points for entering and for finishing so high on the list!! I, for one, am super proud of you and LOVE your artwork. XOXO