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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

WA - Fair / Circus

This is a terrible photograph of a painting by Trevor Chamberlain called 'A Corner of the Whitsun Fair, Hertford', dated 1989. I fell  in love with it then, and if I had had the funds, I would have bought it!
I couldn't find the painting online, so took this from his book 'Oils - Trevor Chamberlain' in the Ron Ranson Series Painting School.

The brief at the WA was fair / circus, and not having my own photo of such a subject, took the opportunity to copy.....well.....sort of!  Needs a lot of attention to bring it up to scratch.


martinealison said...

Effectivement c'est une très belle peinture. J'aime beaucoup son atmosphère et sa composition.
Un très bon exercice en progression. J'ai hâte de voir cette peinture achevée.
Gros bisous

Celeste Bergin said...

You did a great job...and I love that I get to see what you used as your reference. Smart! You did so well emulating the loose feel....nice!

Anonymous said...

Best way to learn is to copy and I like TC's painting too. I used to go to this fair when my kids were little. Lots of memories. Your version is very good.