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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

WA - Still Life

Tools   18" x 14"  Oil

I went to the art club this afternoon with every intention of painting more boats, as I need one more painting to submit to Hertford at the weekend. I thought the topic was something else, which I hadn't prepared for, so when informed it was Still Life, well, inspiration struck! If I'd had all morning to think about it I know I wouldn't have done this. As it is I had a wonderful afternoon and I'm chuffed with the far! The burning question.....leave as is? ......or try and set it up again to continue? Over to you, fans.....


martinealison said...

La simplicité du sujet et votre spontanéité en font une très jolie oeuvre.
J'aime beaucoup le travail avec les pinceaux et le verre.
gros bisous

Anonymous said...

Leave it as it is - my vote. It was good to see the photos of HAS I liked the abstract - all good stuff. I might try and get over to see it. Really pleased you got yours accepted, and Stella as well. Congrats all round!