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Thursday, 5 January 2012



ICICLE  9" x 6" Watercolour

ICICLES  11" X 9"  Watercolour

The topic was 'snow and ice'.
I have in mind to take watercolours to the WA every week, with an aim to stop being scared of them! This, I think, is the first time I have enjoyed using them, and it is thanks to Jean Haines. I watched her demo on TV and, while she made it look easy, I could relate to her use of colour straight from the tube, but more importantly her way of laying down her colour and letting it do it's own thing. Fast and loose! But only to a certain extent. Her lesson in control was like a light switching on!
Now, having said all that, next weeks' topic is 'abstract'..........back to oils for that one methinks!


Carolann said...

Happy New Painting Year Sharon! These look like abstracts don't they? Makes me want to try out watercolours too but I want to try everything!

David Larson Evans said...

These are fabulous!