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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Garlic 12" x 16" Oil

The WA has started its meetings again after the summer break. Yippee! I swear we all spent more time chatting than painting. It was so good to see everyone.
The brief was to paint items to be found in a kichen and as you see a lot of thought went into my setup!!!!!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed painting this and get a real buzz painting in good company, so I'm really looking forward to the coming weeks. 


Michael Bailey said...

Fabulous painting Sharon. The way you've captured the thin transparent outer skin and the colours of the garlic gloves showing through is superb. I love that sassy red background too!


Tied - so bold! Love the red as well as your set-up. And with the skin flaking on the 3rd garlic.

KEITH PROCTOR Painting blog said...

Hi Sharon
Its a while since i looked at my own blog and others ! but great to see your as keen as ever , it will be nice to meet you if you can make it along to the Norwich show, we can have a chat and some bubbly! Cheers me dear / Keith