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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hertford Art Society Annual Open Art Exhibition

I went to Hertford yesterday to submit six paintings to the annual exhibition. I stayed to help, because we have to collect unselected paintings later in the day. I had intended to take photos throughout the proceedings but got involved and only have these three, taken before the judging started. My job was to parade the pictures before the three judges, who awarded an A-accepted, D-doubtful, or X- no.
It was a glorious day, sun shining, delicious lunch provided, log chats with rarely seen friends, and to top it all, I had five paintings accepted!

Before Judging, with June Mendoza at the back, far right, perusing the sculpture.
Trevor Chamberlains' back, brilliant plein air painter.

The judges then had the task of selecting the prizewinners from those paintings that had been awarded AAA, one of which was my ' Orange Sauce'. One of the judges, June Mendoza, eminent, brilliant, portrait painter, came to tell me three times how delightful she found my painting, the composition, format and humour all good and how they changed their minds three times about the winner of 'Best in Show'. So close, but alas, not this time! Thrilling and disappointing at the same time.

June Mendoza

So many paintings!

Sculpture, love those cyclists!

After the judging and lunch, the accepted paintings are sorted into some order as to how they will be hung. The rejected paintings are placed in alphabetical order ready for collection by very disappointed artists.
So much going on....
I had to leave to catch my train long before the work was done. I shall do the same again next year...a brilliant day! 


Jane said...

Congratulations Sharon ...excellent news , you must be so proud, even if you certainly deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Great news, I know how difficult it is getting accepted. I used to like being involved in the judging day. So interesting to see the marks given and yes, a good lunch. Thanks for the memory!

David Larson Evans said...

Best of Show in my book.

Celeste Bergin said...

what a cool post....I can feel the hub-bub in the photos! How did they manage to get through so many paintings? I would guess that they would give you and award...all your paintings are so good. Great report from "the front lines"