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Friday, 24 September 2010

John + Sally

 I'm off to the life drawing at HAS tomorrow, where I shall be chatting again to my very good friend, John. He is a lovely man who is so helpful, even popping home to fetch me oil paints when I was moaning about having no money and running out of fave colours! Friendly, full of suggestions and he makes me laugh, so I have done the only thing I can .......paint him!
I wasn't happy with Sally on Wednesday as I didn't get enough of a likeness, as I did with Doris + Paul, so I have spent a few minutes tiddling her up. I'm happy now, even though, now I have posted, I think her nose is a tad too big!
Thanks for visiting, and have a fantastic weekend.

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David Larson Evans said...

You are a master at this.