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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Shoreline 24" x 18" Oil

Not sure if you could call this finished, but I have to put it aside to make a start on Christmas commissions.
There is that triangle again! Don't know what it is that draws me to a triangular composition, but it keeps cropping up although it is not something I consciously look for.


David Larson Evans said...

Love to seeing what your up to, keep up the good work

Silvia Williams Paints Watercolors said...

Sharon, I enjoyed visiting your blog. Wow. You are quite good painting people, too. I enjoyed your entry in Following the Masters. Quite a beautifully rendered portrait. Loved the softness. Want to look again and again.Silvia

Silvia Williams Paints Watercolors said...

Loved your paintings. Impressed by the beautiful entry in Following the Masters. You are a terrific portrait painter, too. Silvia

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, sometimes its good to put a painting aside for a while. I really like the composition and the loose brushwork. Good luck with the commission.