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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Ken 10" x 12" Oil

Last, but definitely not least, is Ken, just as enthusiastic and passionate about his art, Pin Art, I think he called it. I confess I had neither seen nor heard of anything like it, but it seems to be a popular thing, with competitions and shows, etc.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, this one has great character although he looks a bit 'wild' to me. Are you using conte stick on cartridge. I really like how you are using this media and of course the composition.

KEITH PROCTOR Daily painting blog said...

Hi Sharon
Keeping an eye on you now your famous !
I dont know this guy but I could tell you about him from the painting.
You know your stuff Sharon this is a delight.
Keep em coming / Keith

Arti said...

Hi Sharon..I have been out of loop for sometime and saw all your portraits today only..I like the way you produce them with this 'misty'style.its beautiful.

Art with Liz said...

These last two are absolutely terrific Sharon. You can see in all these portraits how much you enjoyed the experience!

siete said...

Sharon: A great art creation....fine work, ¡Fantastic!

A big hug.


r garriott said...

A very nice portrait... your restraint in leaving the shirt and background loose and simple really draws the viewer to his beautifully sculpted face. Well done!