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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Head Study 10" x 12" Oil

David Larson Evans has very kindly allowed me to use his profile photo to paint. I love the photo, first, because of the hat (of course) and also the mirror and reflections intrique me. I won't mention what an incredibly handsome devil he is!
I spent yesterday blocking in the composition and wiped his head several times.......who was it that said profiles were difficult? So, today, a head study, to help get to grips with it. Having posted I can see immediately that something is wrong with his ear, too big, I think . Sorry, David. I shall have to find my little mirror, so that I can spot glaring errors while working, or remember to turn the painting upside down at frequent intervals!
Go visit David, his work is a joy to behold, colourful, dynamic, stunning paintings.


David Larson Evans said...

My dear you have the knack...we share a love for the portrait.

Sheila said...

Oh I agree! I wouldn't mind studying David at close range myself! Wonderful job on one of my very favorite artists!

r garriott said...

Actually I think his ear looks just fine, but perhaps the hairline behind the ear is not shaved quite to the back so much. In his photo his neck is a bit more in shadow until it rounds out to the shoulder (hope you don't mind all the unasked for observations...)! ( :

All in all I think you're off and running here! Very nice features!