Friday 27 March 2020

I ventured to the studio today, with no idea of what I would do, which has been my reason these past weeks for not going. Enthusiasm, and some new brushes, took charge and I found a subject to paint, and one to draw, in no time at all. A splendid afternoon.

                                                             Hopscotch.   14” x 18”.   Oil

                                                      The Cat Can Look at the Queen.  
                                                           24” x 18”.        Graphite

Monday 19 August 2019

I attended the private view of the Southwold Art Circle Summer Exhibition this evening , where I received my prize for the Presidents Award for Drawing. Wow, fabulous evening, so many lovely compliments, good company and the exhibition is stunning, such varied and excellent work is well worth a look.

Monday 12 August 2019

Nothing since January. eh! That is terrible. I better remedy that. Not that I have done much work in that time, but let's see......
Ambition  20" x 20"  Oil
In progress
Startled  16" x 16"  Oil
Honey Trail  Triptych  51" x 172  Oil

" Ma "   23" x 33"   Charcoal

Importantly, to me, I have been working on portraits to show in the Southwold Art Circle Summer Exhibition. It is usually a fabulous exhibition, I recommend you go see for yourself!

Now, for the most interesting thing to happen this year, so far. I got picked to appear in Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2019. WooHoo! Fantastic! with this self portrait

I had a brilliant day, meeting celebrities and painting with like minded people is artist heaven. It was so fascinating to watch the process of filming a TV program. We arrived at 7.30am on a bright March day, and got to go home around 9.30pm. Long day.  
The program was broadcast on Sky Arts very quickly, and has just now been shown on Channel 4, a 
new thing for this program, to reach a wider audience. Fabulous!

Monday 28 January 2019


It has been a very long time since I posted here. Lack of studio room, laziness and then illness prevented me doing any work.
But this weekend I have participated in a portrait workshop, the first day to do with the start, and the seconday for the finish. The excellent tutor was Jack Stephenson, 
His method is to guide us all individually, helping with whatever is required.
A fabulous way to spend a weekend.

 First a drawing and tonal block-in.

 Next, adding the  colour, paying attention to relationships of one against another.

Finishing takes obsevation and concentration.

Wednesday 23 May 2018



This week I have been experimenting with intaglio, and making cards.

Wednesday 9 May 2018

Summertime in progress.

Beach.  50 x 70 cm. Oil
Garden. 50 x 70 cm.  Oil 

Both paintings are still in progress, and are ideas to depict our English Summertime. This is the working title for my up coming solo show
In September. I shall nag about details nearer the time 😘
I have a few ideas, but mostly I shall be watching the beach, the broad, the boats,  the grockles, and whatever conjures up that
Know what I mean.........I shall be painting it. Or printing.
So, a happy, feel-good show then......
I have my mojo back methinks, WooHoo! I am enjoying painting again enormously and can hardly believe I have spent the past two years
 not bothering. Well, it happens, but I am back, watch out!

Monday 12 March 2018

Southwold Portrait Group

The model today was the lovely Eunice, with the flamboyant hat. My first effort was all over the rhythm. This is charcoal.
Next I got out the carbon pencil which made this lovely gentle portrait. Eunice liked this one, so she took it home.
Last, but not least, my pen for this pen and wash study. I like this one.
Good morning, thank you Eunice.

Sunday 11 March 2018

Work in Progress........and about time too!


First day in the studio for a while, and I must remember to leave the door open! Be aware that turpentine fumes are 
very bad for you, and like me you might not know what’s happening until you struggle for breath just laying in bed! 
I was also unaware how out of practice I am with the paintbrush. You can see what a struggle I had!
Start again then..............

Monday 5 March 2018

Southwold Art Circle Portrait Group

I had a slendid morning painting Will, a delightful and brilliant model, very Irish 
and with the obligatory twinkly eyes. Thank you Will, hope to see you again!
It felt so good to have a paintbrush in hand again, despite it not behaving as wanted! 

Sunday 26 November 2017


I attended a brilliant workshop for drypoint, led by the fantastic NICOLA SLATTERY RBA. Instruction was clear, simple, easily understood, Nicola was a very good tutor. We all enthusiastically got stuck in, and produced some lovely prints. It was a fabulously enjoyable day. So, now, does anyone have an unwanted printing press for sale? I would really like to do more!

Monday 6 November 2017

The First Ones

 I love this flower girl.....but her leg is wonky, and, I wonder if she was a reject! I can find no reference on the internet, although I can find similarly styled other work. I think her wonky leg adds to her charm.

 I love how tactile this one is, to hold in your hand is calming and stress-relieving.
This one reminds me of one I made myself when I was about twenty.

You might wonder why I posted a pic of a portable easel in the last post. To illustrate the fantastic bargains can be found sometimes. This easel sells for £150 when new. I picked up this beauty for £15! I do love a bargain.